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Team Websites establishes partnership with

Team Websites are delighted to announce their partnership with social football results prediction game,

Predictor Leagues, founded earlier this year, is a web service which allows friends, colleagues, and now club webmasters, to create their own football results prediction league while boosting their club’s finances.

Their website allows the club webmaster, who may also be referred to as the League Manager, to send out invites by e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, to players, members and supporters, before setting the weekly game fee and selecting which real-life matches to request its participants to predict each selected match as either a home win, away win or draw. Charge a fee, as the league manager, to boost club finances, or just play for fun. As players, win weekly prizes for the accuracy of predictions and test yourself against fellow members. - The Social Football Predictions Game

Frequently Asked…

Each week, users can make a prediction of the outcome (home win, away win or draw) of the seven football fixtures selected by the league manager. If not selected by the league manager,’s system automatically chooses the seven matches on your behalf, so your users don’t miss out.

It is open to users who are over the age of 18, where participation in any Leagues set up are monitored and vetted. Due to there being no set up costs, 15% of the weekly game fee pot is taken by as a “platform fee”.

In order to participate and/or run a new Predictor League, users must have a valid PayPal account in order to deposit and add funds following successful registration. PayPal is a secure third-party payment gateway that allows you to pay securely and efficiently by optionally connecting to your credit/debit card or bank account.

Raising funds…

The web service offered by Predictor Leagues will hopefully be of huge benefit to member clubs of Team Websites, who will be able to finally raise the much-needed funds for new kit and even equipment, responsibly and securely.

Finally end the confusion, ditch the Fantasy Football and set up your own Predictor League for your club. The League where you’re the Boss.

Over 18? Learn more and signup at

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